PROPIUS HOLDING LIMITED is owner of a Media Service, Streaming Platform and video compression technology which achieves compression performance of typically two times that of the best state-of-the-art technology currently available commercially. The PROPIUS technology makes use of high-performance algorithms and a farm of high-performance servers to compress raw video in a standard format such as the latest ITU H.264/MPEG4-AVC format which is found in many player devices including the latest-generation TV set-top boxes and computer/tablet/mobile devices. The use of the standard coding format means that no modification is required to the player hardware/software.

PROPIUS’s business model is based on provision of B2B services using its Media Service, Streming and compression technology to the large enterprises distributing large volumes of video, with primary focus on online video publishers. The PROPIUS technology enables video distributers either to deliver higher quality video to their customers without increasing bit rate, or alternatively, to deliver video at the same quality as today with a substantially lower bit rate.

The PROPIUS video technology offers substantial cost savings to the video distributers, resulting from significant reductions in bandwidth and infrastructure equipment requirements. In the case of online video publishers, the amount of internet bandwidth and the number of streaming servers would typically be reduced by a factor of between two and three, significantly reducing both capex and opex expenditures.

PROPIUS offers a flexible range of service-based solutions to suit the needs of individual customer operations, a fully out-sourced transcoding and streaming service from its primary data centre in Europe.
What is Media Services

Deliver any media, on virtually any device, anywhere. Create end-to-end media workflows with flexible and highly scalable encoding, packaging, and distribution services using PROPIUS solutions. Securely upload, store, encode and package video or audio content for both on-demand and live streaming delivery to a wide array of TV, PC and mobile device endpoints.
Better performance for your apps and services

Speed matters. The PROPIUS Content Delivery Network (CDN) is designed to send audio, video, applications and other files faster and more reliably to customers using servers that are closest to each user. This dramatically increases speed and availability, resulting in significant user experience improvements.